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Employment Law Compliance Review

Are YOU in compliance with the law?

Preventative maintenance can save you money!

Everyone who owns, operates or manages a business knows they face a growing maze of federal, state and local employment laws and regulations. If your business belongs to a trade or business association, perhaps you get mailings and reminders of these ever-changing legal requirements. 

This may be one of those things you "plan to get around to one of these days". Don't wait for your business to be hit with a lawsuit before you decide to address these issues. 

Concerned about the cost of figuring all of this out? Compare the costs of defending a lawsuit from a disgruntled employee with the cost of our cost-effective Employment Law Compliance Review.

Think about these questions and decide if an Employment Law Compliance Review with Beeson Terhorst LLP is right for you!

  • Do you document the terms of your employment relationship? Should you? If so, in what form?

  • Are employment contracts a good idea for some or all of your employees?

  • Do you have an employee handbook? If so, when was it last reviewed? If not, should you get one?

  • Do you have the right procedures in place for interviewing, hiring, employee performance evaluations, discipline and employee termination?

  • How do you classify exempt and non-exempt employees for overtime compensation?

  • Do you correctly calculate and records hours worked, regular pay and overtime pay?

  • Are you aware of potential pitfalls with commission pay, bonuses, tipped workers and pay deductions?

  • Do you comply with requirements for vacations, meal breaks, rest breaks, and any compensating time off plans?

  • Which Wage Order applies to your business and should you care?

  • Are you complying with requirements for harassment policies, training, harassment complaints and investigation procedures?

  • Are you keeping the right employment records for the proper length of time?

  • What are your obligations for disability, pregnancy, family and other employee leave rights?

  • Do you have written computer and internet policies?

  • Are you protecting confidential business information and trade secrets?

  • Do you have updated and complete employment notices and posters correctly displayed?

  • Do you use appropriate testing for hiring, or job assignments?

  • What, if anything, should you do about possible employee substance abuse?

  • Do you have policies and practices if you are faced with union organizational activities?

  • Do you have a safety and health plan? What does OSHA/Cal-OSHA require for your business?

  • How do you answer a request for references for former employees? How do you check references for applicants?

  • Do you use temporary agencies, employment agencies, or independent contractors as part of your business? Who is responsible for 
    employment law compliance for these individuals? ARE YOU SURE?

  • What should you do about anti-discrimination and equal employment policies and practices?


Beeson Terhorst LLP will meet with owners and key managers, review your employment policies, recordkeeping and documentation so that you can confidently answer these questions.



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